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Founded in 1998, as a Retrofit specialist, EAD Aerospace, an Eclipse Company, offers innovative retrofit packages for the aviation industry and FAA and EASA certification through the supplemental type certificate (STC) process.

Our domains of approval are AVIONICS, STRUCTURE and INTERIORS. We handle retrofit projects ranging from commercial and military aircraft or helicopters, to VIP & business jets. For Cabin, Cockpit: Avionics, Satcom, Connectivity systems modifications, we innovate to enhance the quality of our work. At EAD Aerospace we believe in providing the highest possible customization solution from conception to completion.

Our locations allow for multiple certifications capabilities (FAA, EASA, etc..) EAD aerospace has offices in Toulouse and Aix-en-Provence (France), Chicago (USA).




EAD Aerospace (Part21 design organization) provides reliable, fair cost, and proficient services in enhancement projects on pre-owned large aircraft, including conversion from airliner type to private configuration.

•    Modification, installation and certification of aircraft Avionics, connectivity and systems
•    Design, manufacturing and certification of satcom full modkits and systems installation kits

Under EASA, PART21 DOA and POA Agreements.

We’ll work with you every step of the way, before and after you go live, to make sure your aircraft enhancement project is a success.