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Program Management

“We strive to earn your confidence and loyalty each day”

Transparent and successful

EAD Aerospace has over 17 years of experience in aircraft modifications, our strategy is based on a traditional industrial policy offering a transparent sales approach based on planning, lead-times, risks and recovery plans.
We aim at bringing the highest satisfaction level to our customer.
We have a lateral way of thinking allowing us to turn our customers’ most demanding and complex ideas into a successful reality.

Mastered project

Our managers gained their technical expertise within some of the leading airlines company and developed their taste for elegance, chic and luxury working with the most refined craftsmen.
Engineering skills as well as management of large retrofit programs are expertise acquired through years of practice. Dealing with the constraints of highly demanding airlines we mastered multiple aircraft delivery process at Boeing and Airbus and worked on thousands aircraft upgrade projects.
EAD Aerospace project managers can help reduce implementation time and risk with the use of standardized, tested, repeatable engineering and consistent implementation along your project by using a field-proven approach and common methodology.
Our program management guarantees delivery at each project step.
Our team ensures alignment, identifies and mitigates risk, provides monitoring and control to deliver projects on time, within budget and of high quality.

Supporting our customers

EAD Aerospace offers total support on your enhancement project: from planning, budgeting, choosing appropriate materials and equipment to installation and certification. We support you whilst you develop your specification and we make detailed technical evaluation of options to meet with all your needs.
Based on our extensive experience, we understand that one of the key driver for our programs to succeed is geographical proximity. To maintain a constant dialogue with you throughout the essential to us.
For important retrofit projects, we identify experienced and skilled liaison staff in the host-country throughout the entire duration of the enhancement program.

EAD Aerospace Expertise Network

EAD Aerospace offers a staff of specialists with experience in technology manufacturing and a network of supplier partnership and subcontractors. We ensure they meet the same strict requirements of standards.
EAD Aerospace developed a supply chain strategy to guarantee top-level objectives are systematically operational, are aligned with your business strategy to create value.