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EAD Aerospace Achieves JetWave EASA STC on A340 with GACA validation


EAD Aerospace, an Eclipse company, has delivered its first Honeywell JetWave EASA STC for an A340 VIP project in partnership with a leading Middle-Eastern MRO for an undisclosed final customer in the Middle East. This EASA STC has been validated by the GACA, the General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia.

The aircraft was outfitted with a bespoke cabin connectivity VIP system and some of the latest technologies, including the fully operational Honeywell JetWave Ka-band system.

The solution provided is based on EAD Aerospace’s Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) solution, which is also being used by EAD Aerospace partners for other STC projects including the A320, A330, B777 and B747 platforms for both airborne VIP and Airline connectivity.

Eclipse’s experience in providing turn-key airborne satcom solutions combined with EAD Aerospace’s long history of providing connectivity related STC’s proved invaluable in ensuring that all aspects of the first project were successfully delivered.

As one of the leading distributors of Inmarsat airtime services, Eclipse is proud to have been instrumental in enabling one of the first customers to use the Inmarsat GX Aviation network and the next generation of inflight connectivity.

To learn more about SUMS, please click HERE.

ead aerospace eclipse satcom dubai airshow

Dubai Airshow 2017


The Dubai Airshow will take place from 12-16 November in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Eclipse and EAD Aerospace, an Eclipse company, are proud to be a part of this event as a partner of Alsalam Aerospace Industries, a Saudi Arabia based MRO.

Eclipse – EAD Aerospace will exhibit their Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) baseplate, which allows for the installation of Ka- and Ku-band satcom systems on any large aircraft. Apart from the existing SUMS STCs (read more), a new certification for an Airbus family aircraft will also be announced.

In addition to the SUMS solution addressing the Airline and Business Aviation markets, Eclipse will also represent AeroSatcom, an exciting new joint venture with NSSLGlobal to serve the global military and government markets for airborne SATCOM solutions.

To know more about us and our work, do not hesitate to visit us on booth 930 !

Dubai Airshow 2017 : website

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PRESS RELEASE – Paris, France – Aug. 29, 2017

EAD Aerospace (EASA DOA PART21 FRA21 J&G), an Eclipse company, has just received an EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) covering the installation of its Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) solution on a B777 aircraft.

Working directly with Inmarsat, EAD Aerospace developed the complete solution, produced the engineering package and received the STC within a tight timeframe, allowing the end customer, Qatar Airways, to begin the installations around regular maintenance inputs.

EAD Aerospace is very proud to have achieved this STC for Inmarsat and their end customer Qatar Airways. This ARINC 791 installation is light in weight with minimal intrusions into the fuselage, making it easy to install and maintain for airlines. SUMS is a natural fit for such a retro-fit project.” commented Marc Pinault, CEO of EAD Aerospace.

With the first installations complete, the B777 fleet roll-out continues with the ease of installation of SUMS allowing aircraft to be completed during scheduled maintenance visits without the need for extended ground-time, and with a minimum of man-hours in comparison with typical complex, large antenna installations.

The solution provides Qatar Airways with access to the Inmarsat GX Aviation service providing high-speed in-flight connectivity to the passengers via their wireless devices. Inmarsat GX Aviation utilises Ka-Band frequencies, enabling the highest data rates currently available : “With the first Qatar Airways Boeing 777 retrofit installation already complete and several more underway, we’re looking forward to seeing Qatar Airways’ passengers experience consistent, reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi in the sky when the service goes live later this year” said Leo Mondale, President of Inmarsat Aviation.

This STC adds to the family of Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) STCs which EAD Aerospace has been developing since 2014. After receiving A320, A330 and now B777 series aircraft STCs, EAD Aerospace will soon receive certifications for A340 and B747 airframes.

For the latest information about SUMS,
please visit

Eclipse and EAD Aerospace are comprised of Aviation and Satellite Communication (satcom) industry professionals, providing aeronautical connectivity turnkey solutions for a combined period of almost 40 years.

Contact : Sylvain THOMAS
ECLIPSE Communications Officer
sylvain.thomas[@] / Phone : +33(0)6 48 50 71 89
Images and logos are available upon request.

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EBACE 2017 : Focus on connectivity


After a glorious three days of sunshine in Geneva, another successful EBACE ended last week for Eclipse and EAD Aerospace.

Aircraft connectivity continues to be one of the most talked about issues, with the commercial launch of Inmarsat GX Aviation late last year and a number of business jets and VIP aircraft installed and using the high bandwidth Ka- and Ku-band services. However, although the new Ka- and Ku-band technologies provide large data connection to the aircraft, this is provided as a single “large pipe” which means controlling and managing the connections on-board is paramount to ensure the VIP passengers receive the best service at all times.
Eclipse have recently developed a new application that provides precisely this functionality – Aero+ Flexibility –  and EBACE provided the ideal platform to promote our new product following the installation on the widebody aircraft of our European Head of State launch customer.

Developed as modular software, Aero+ Flexibility allows for up to four independent wireless networks on-board, with one of them receiving a minimum guaranteed bandwidth for the VIP.  The configuration can be dynamically managed whilst the aircraft is flying, providing the maximum level of flexibility. In addition, the software provides data optimization, a payment portal for credit card payments and an automatic fall-back to an Inmarsat SwiftBroadband connection, if desired. Visitors to the booth were impressed with the capabilities of Aero+ Flexibility, and there was particular interest from management companies offering aircraft for charter as the payment solution provides a very simple way of ensuring that any internet usage is paid for by the end user.

With two of the first EASA STCs issued for Honeywell JetWave installations on VIP A319 and A330 aircraft, EAD Aerospace drew attention showcasing their SUMS adaptor plate on the booth for large fuselage mount antenna installations. Before the summer, A340 and B777 STCs will be added to our library with the installations currently underway.
Displaying the Honeywell JetWave Tail Mount Antenna (TMA) on our booth at EBACE, opportunities for providing solutions for smaller business jet aircraft are now underway – watch this space for more news!

A busy three days engaging with customers, partners and new prospects has rounded off a fantastic start to the year for Eclipse and EAD Aerospace.

Our thanks to those who visited our booth, and the team looks forward to working with many of you on some exciting connectivity projects in the coming months.

ead aerospace eclipse aircraft interiors expo 2017

A great AIX 2017 for Eclipse and EAD Aerospace


Following the acquisition of EAD Aerospace by Eclipse two years ago, we find ourselves involved more than ever in the airline industry based on EAD’s history of providing airborne connectivity Part 21 solutions to that market.

Last year was the first time Eclipse and EAD Aerospace had a joint stand at Aircraft Interiors and it proved to be one of the busiest and most productive shows either company had ever had.

With the fast moving developments in the Ku- and Ka-band connectivity and with EAD Aerospace’s participation in Part 21 aspects of Inmarsat’s EAN network this year’s event was even busier and even more productive.

We are very grateful to our partners and customers who joined us in Hamburg and we look forward to moving forward all of the productive dialogues that took place.

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EBACE 2017 : Visit us !


Eclipse & EAD Aerospace will again be exhibiting at European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) this year (Geneva, 22-24 May). We welcome our partners and customers to visit us at Stand B18 !

Eclipse and EAD Aerospace – an Eclipse company – will participate in this year’s event will focus on our latest L, Ku and Ka band SATCOM solutions and STCs.

Information will be available concerning satcom hardware, satellite airtime, airborne applications support and Part 21 services for the Business Aviation market.

EBACE 2017 official website :

Read also : Another excellent EBACE 2016 !

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EAD Aerospace adds A330 to SUMS family of Satcom STCs


Having received one of the first EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for a Honeywell JetWave™ installation last year for an A320 (applicable to A320, A321) aircraft, EAD Aerospace (EASA DOA PART21 FRA21 J&G), an Eclipse company, has now received an EASA STC for an A330 aircraft.

This STC adds to the family of Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) STCs, which EAD Aerospace has been developing since 2014 for various aircraft types.

EAD Aerospace is supporting the installation of the JetWave fuselage-mounted antenna variant (MCS-8200) to support Ka-Band satellite communications (Satcom) on the A330 VIP aircraft with a leading European MRO for an undisclosed final customer in the Middle East. Ka-Band connectivity enables the highest data rates available in airborne satcom and further growth in data is expected to occur in the coming decades.

The enhanced connectivity provided by the JetWave system will interface with the existing local area network (LAN) on the aircraft. Flights tests took place at the end of December 2016, where the final administrative certification issues were finalized and the STC issued by EASA. SUMS STCs will soon also be received for A340 and B777 series aircraft.

eclipse satcom ead aerospace aircraft interiors expo hamburg

Aircraft Interiors Expo 2017


Aircraft Interiors Expo 2017 is an international showcase for aircraft solutions and equipment. The event will take place at Hamburg (Germany, 4-6 April 2017).

Eclipse and EAD Aerospace – an Eclipse company – will be highlighting our ongoing work in provisioning high bandwidth Ku- and Ka-band aircraft equipment, the distribution of associated satellite airtime and design of airborne networks to facilitate passenger connectivity.

EAD Aerospace’s SUMS (large satcom STC) installation hardware will be on display and experts will be on site to discuss Version 2 of this solution.

Additional focusses for the event will be the legacy L-band Satcom Hardware and Ka, Ku and L-band airtime services provisioning as well other airborne satcom solutions.

Visit us booth #3C30 !

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Honeywell JetWave GX installation on A330 series aircraft


Having recently received one of the first EASA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for a Honeywell JetWave installation on an A320 family series aircraft, EAD Aerospace (EASA DOA PART21 FRA21 J&G), an Eclipse company, is very close to receiving an EASA STC for an A330 family aircraft.

EAD Aerospace are supporting the installation of the JetWaveTM fuselage-mounted antenna variant (MCS-8200) to support the Ka-Band satellite communications (Satcom) on the A330 VIP aircraft with a leading European MRO for an undisclosed final customer in the Middle East. Ka-Band connectivity enables the highest data rates available in the airborne satcom industry while further supporting the growth in data expected to occur over the coming decades.


Since 2014, EAD Aerospace has been developing their Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) STC for various aircraft types.

The connectivity provided by the JetWave system for this project will interface with the existing local area network (LAN) on the aircraft. Flights tests occurred at the end of December, 2016 and last administrative issues are being finalized for the issuance of the Supplemental Type Certificate by EASA. This STC will join the high bandwidth Satcom STC portfolio developed by EAD and its mother company Eclipse.


SUMS STC’s will soon also be received for A340 and B777 series aircraft.

In its history, EAD Aerospace has always provided innovative and « outside the box » thinking, whilst maintaining total respect of aircraft safety and the regulatory rules issued by EASA and FAA. Of course, this is what lead to EAD Aerospace engineering the Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS). SUMS V2 is one unique baseplate available in two attachment versions to comply with different Customers requirements :

The baseplate is a fully compliant ARINC791 installation and is delivered with ARINC791 structural internal reinforcements. This solution is 100% ARINC791.

Taking SUMS V1 design philosophy advantages. The baseplate allows attachment installation on top of frames : to minimize the impact to the A/C structure life with no structural doubler, to minimize part numbers, and to ease installation. This solution respects many ARINC requirements and is the lightest on the market – we like to call it the « Hybrid ».

Keep yourself updated for our STC issuance announcements !

eclipse satcom ead aerospace global xpress inmarsat jetwave lab

Eclipse moves market for airborne connectivity forward


Eclipse recently delivered a complete Honeywell JetWave™ system to a Middle Eastern customer and will soon activate its first Inmarsat Global Xpress airtime customer through its UK-based Joint Venture, AERO-SATCOM. Eclipse has been on the forefront of delivering new High Throughput Satellite (HTS) solutions to the Government and Business Aviation markets and these two milestones are representative of their efforts.

The bandwidths provisioned by Honeywell’s JetWave™ and Inmarsat’s Global Xpress services far exceed previous generation airborne satcom solutions by using HTS technology to bring airborne customers much closer to the type of connectivity they are used to on the ground. However, the complexities associated larger Ka-band equipment requires specialized skills to certify the installation and the larger bandwidths from a “single pipe” effects the ability to effectively utilize the connectivity in the air.

Eclipse has worked with its Part 21 G/J approved subsidiary, EAD Aerospace, to provide a solution for the complex installation in the way of their Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS). This creative approach to STC development allows for a flexible, minimally intrusive, easy to install and un-install design option. In terms of airborne bandwidth usage, Eclipse has introduced to market their Aero+ Flexibility package which allows for dynamic bandwidth allocation, bandwidth optimization and the ability of passengers to pay for data usage with their credit cards.

To support this delivery of HTS satcom hardware with associated airtime and applications Eclipse has also installed a complete Honeywell JetWave™ lab in their Paris facilities to support customer operational troubleshooting and customer demonstrations.

With recent advances in airborne connectivity through the launch of HTS satellites and development of associated hardware aircraft have never had better connectivity options than they have today.
A comprehensive approach to providing these solutions is required to ensure a minimal risk to customer projects while achieving their airborne connectivity objectives. This includes and understanding of the satcom hardware, satellite services, end-user applications and aircraft modification procedures.

Pictures available here.

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