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EASA / FAA Agreements

  • EASA Agreement

    EASA Agreement

    EAD Aerospace has been the first independent company to apply for a DOA,
    before the entry into operations of EASA. Based on the long lasting experience
    of the owners in the fields of Certification when still working for Airlines,
    the Agreement was obtained in 2003 (DOA # EASA.21J. 053).

    • PDF

      DOA EASA.21J.053 Certificate

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      POA EASA.21G.0119 Certificate

  • FRA21J Agreement

    FRA21J Agreement

    FRA21J-015- DGA.

    Through this approval, EAD Aerospace becomes an Aviation Design Organization for the French army (DGA : Direction générale de l’armement).

  • Other certification Involvements throughout the world

    Other certification Involvements throughout the world

    The Chicago based office allowed EAD Aerospace, through its 100% owned subsidiary EAD Inc, incorporated in the state of Illinois, to obtain numerous
    FAA STC's. Since then, multiple Certifications have been obtained throughout
    the world : Hong Kong CAB, Chinese CAAC, Malaysian CAA, Brazil ANAC, Chilean DGAC, etc.